"We know that our clients have spent considerable time creating just the right copy and focus our energies on retaining its meaning, style and spirit."

Quality professional translation services in all major languages guided by a thorough knowledge of cosmetics.

cosmetictranslation.com offers unique professional translation services exclusively to the cosmetic industry. Our collaborative team approach combines the skills of outstanding, certified translators with an in-depth knowledge of cosmetics – products, advertising, marketing, sales and technology. The result is superbly accurate translations that convey the true spirit of the original cosmetic copy.

Our cosmetic translation specialties include . . .

  •   Product Labels   •   Web Sites
  •   Advertising Copy   •   Scientific Papers
  •   Sales Literature   •   Patents
  •   Brochures & Catalogs   •   Regulatory Documents

Cosmetic translation by pros who speak cosmetics . . .

Knowledge of language alone won't do the job: We also speak cosmetics! Our translators are highly educated, dedicated professionals with a love for the nuance of language and a commitment to excellence. In addition, they are backed by a thorough understanding of cosmetic products including skincare, haircare, deodorant, fragrance, shaving and pigmented products.

DIRECT INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: Founded on more than 40 years of experience in cosmetics covering everything from cosmetic product formulation and regulatory requirements to the creation of marketing strategies and advertising copy. Importantly, we apply this wealth of experience to every cosmetic translation we perform.  From product labels and sales materials to advertisements, promotional pieces and websites, we painstakingly ensure that our expert translations also speak the language of cosmetics.

NATIVE LANGUAGE TRANSLATION: We believe in the importance of native language skills and the extra dimension it adds to meaningful, reader-comfortable translation. From knowledge of friendly phraseology, colloquialisms and generally accepted slang to recognition of what verbiage should be avoided, language familiarity at a native speaking level is an indispensable asset. With this in mind, our experienced professionals are selected for projects in which they translate to their native tongue.

TEAM TRANSLATION: Artful translation demands much more than the accurate conversion of words and sentences to another language. It must also convey the style, spirit and feeling, of the original text. This can be achieved only by the marriage of skilled and talented translation with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. To this end, our staff pools their talents in a collaborative environment that places the utmost importance on the quality of the translation. All cosmetic translation projects are pursued by this team approach.

DIALECT TRANSLATION: We understand the importance of employing targeted dialect in consumer product translation. In addition to more meaningfully conveying the desired message, consumer-comfortable cosmetic label translation conveys the unspoken message that the related product is appropriate for that country and that user. With this in mind, we provide cosmetic translations in numerous dialects. In particular, we have extensive experience in the translation of North American labels featuring Canadian French and Mexican Spanish. Here, as in the case of any cosmetic label containing multiple translations, the team approach takes on the additional dimension of assuring consistency of style. Our goal is to achieve seamless consistency amongst the translated languages. This can be accomplished only when skilled professional translators work in close collaboration.

High quality, fair rates and responsive service. Our simple – but ambitious – goal is to be accepted as a member of the team by each of our clients. Our mandate is to remain fully responsive to the needs of our clients – routine or unanticipated – while continually providing our unique, high-quality services at fair rates. In turn, our clients have grown accustomed to our quick turnaround, flexibility and extra effort, and we like it that way.

Please call or e-mail to explore how we can put our unique translation services to work for your company. We look forward to introducing you to the cosmetictranslation.com difference and to welcoming you to our family of clients.



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