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"Artful translation . . . can be achieved only by the
marriage of skilled and talented translation with a
comprehensive understanding of the subject matter."
Mort Westman,


Although no longer associated with, Mort Westman is an enduring reminder of our commitment to providing personal attention and quality translations services to the cosmetic industry. With more than 35 years of experience in the development and commercialization of cosmetic products Mort has committed to fully dedicate himself to his chemical consultancy, Westman Associates, Inc.

Mort's understanding of consumer requirements and his appreciation for well crafted marketing and advertising copy provided the foundation upon which our company is built. His ideals and vision are well integrated into the culture where there is an enduring appreciation for the art, science and marketing of cosmetics.

During his career in product development, Mort Westman gained an understanding of consumer needs, behavior and expectations as well as an admiration for well-written marketing and advertising copy – the language of cosmetics. This appreciation led Mort to recognize the need for improved foreign-language translation of cosmetic copy. While responsible for the globalization of a number of important cosmetic products, he found that too often the style, spirit and feeling of the original text were literally lost in translation. Whether due to lack of familiarity with product performance or consumer usage or insensitivity to the original marketing flair, too often, Mort felt, translators failed to capture the language of cosmetics.

In the fall of 2000, Mort recruited a core of skilled professionals with experience in the translation of cosmetic copy, a flair for creative composition and an uncompromising zeal for excellence. Together with these professionals, Mort formed, the first translation service exclusively dedicated to the cosmetics and toiletries industry, the first translation service that speaks the language of cosmetics. Continuing to maintain its focus, remains the world?s only translation service that will accept only cosmetic assignments. Continuing to maintain its focus, has become the preferred translation service of demanding cosmetic marketers.

Barry Saxon has had a long business and personal relationship with Mort and shares his ideals and vision for After a lengthy association with the company and more than 30 years of experience in marketing, sales, education, and the law, Barry is the perfect choice to lead the company forward into the 21st century and assure our success as the global leader in cosmetic translation services.


Tel. 216.759.3123
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